Finding customers abroad

Do you want to start in a new target market? Or are you already selling there, but you look for more customers, larger customers or more stable customers. ?

Let’s keep things simple: you are looking for customers. In our match project, we will find you one good customer. We can look in the economically strongest countries, including Western Europe, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, the United States, Canada, etc. Contact will be made by our team member with the best connections and knowledge of the localities in that country. The aim of this service is to achieve your first commercial sales in the targeted country. We will connect you with a customer, a buyer, or a sales partner, and we will continue our support until the first commercial order is placed..

Your products or services bring a great opportunity for resellers, retailers, or other potential buyers in the targeted market. You know this, because there is proven demand, and you can offer good margins.. The resellers, retailers, or buyers that you target, can be large, middle-sized, or small, e-commerce or brick-and-mortar stores. But your sales team is challenged, the potential buyers are always busy, have different styles of (business) cultures, etc. Your prime issue is, to get the first meeting with interested leads. Here we can help you.

You know that there is a market, but the procedures are too challenging. Your product may require processes that need to be done locally, or buyers may require a local contact person. You may be looking for an affiliate who knows the country, market, buyers, and local procedures. The target market is good but limited to a size that only one company can handle the business for you. There are many motivated companies around, looking for new opportunities. However, how to find and select them? Which company is real? We find your ideal distributor / agent in the target country.

Finding good sources overseas

Do you have doubts about your current supplier? Are tariffs rising? Are you facing instability? Or is it your first time that you consider sourcing from overseas, for several reasons?

We can match you with a manufacturer or service provider that you are looking for. We can look in several typical strong sourcing countries, including eastern Europe, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Latin America, Colombia, Vietnam, etc. Contact will be made by our team member with the best connections and knowledge of the localities in that country. The aim of our service is to get your first deal. We continue our support until the first products that you were looking for, are successfully shipped to your warehouse.

How to do international business?

You want to do international business, buy, or sell… but how does it all work?

You found customers overseas, and/or great products to buy. But how are you going to solve customs issues, and which freight forwarder to use? The best way is to work with a good customs broker and shipment agent. If your goods will land in the US, then our team can help you..

You aim to buy or sell products from/to foreign countries. But you remain with questions. Because how is that market exactly working? And what are the (customs) regulations? Our trade opportunity assessment consists of a short market analysis and preliminary research on liability and other regulations. The aim of this assessment is to understand how the market works, which partners to look for, and to know what to discuss with them.

You are open for new opportunities, and those opportunities are coming to you. However, it’s important to find a way to decide quick whether an opportunity is worth to spend your time and money in. Because your most-valuable asset is your time. More decision moments come up later, but first it’s important to separate the gold nuggets from the pebbles. Is it going to bring you enough income, compared to the investments? And is it going to bring you fulfillment in your live? We can assist you with an initial valuation..

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