Customer match 2

Let’s keep things easy: you are looking for customers. In our match-project, we will find you one good customer. We can look in the economic strongest countries, including western Europe, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, United States, Canada, etc. Contact will be made by our team member with the best connections and knowledge of the localities in that country. The aim of this service, is to get your first commercial sales in the targeted country. We bring you in contact with one customer / a buyer / a sales partner, and we continue our support, until the first commercial order is placed.

International Customer Match & Sales

Do you want to start in a new target market?
Or are you already selling there, but you look for a bigger or more stable customer? We can help you with a first step: matching you with one good customer.


The first step is to prepare short texts/materials (see example) for promoting your company, products and services. This can be supported by a brief assessment of the target market, with a preliminary research of regulations (liability, customs tariffs…).

Initial contacts

With your pitch texts in hand, we contact leads in our network and promote your services, products, brand, manufacturing and/or design capabilities. We select these companies based on who we think that they are best matching. We start initial contact with potential importers, to find out whether they are open to buy / resell from a new supplier like your company.

Match found!

As soon as we have an interested company, we share the company’s profile with you, their responses and our recommendation. This will be a one-page document, without names and contact details, see example. If you need more data to judge whether this company is a good match, then we will add such data. A “matching and interested buyer” means to us: the company should have the intention to buy from your company, manufacture in your country and your firm. If it’s just an “OK, let’s meet them and see”, then we can still introduce this company, but we will make the company’s lesser intention clear to you.

If you are interested in this company, then we clarify how to continue with this company. If there are several companies that could work with you, then each will be seen as a separate project.

The first video call

We start the match-making with sharing names and contact details, and the organization of an introductory video meeting between you and the customer (decision maker). We assist you during this call avoiding misunderstandings.

Follow-up until the first order

After a first positive meeting, we will decide together how to further follow-up this lead. Our team will arrange follow-up calls, join that, and help evaluate the meetings with you. The purpose of this stage is to get a first order. This service includes follow-up of the preparation of mutually requested information, reports, analyzes, and samples. We will assist you during the meetings, and if physical visits are needed or preferred, then we can assist with planning and preparation. For all the steps, we aim a successful introduction, what means: sales.

The local extension of your team

After you find your business partner in the target country, we can continue to act as a local extension of your team, working part-time for your company, and keeping in close contact for you. We can represent you, take care of proper communication (and translate where needed), monitor (and visit) your business partners and do troubleshooting.

Visit the customer?

If you want to visit the buyer's premises, we can make appointments and join you during the visits. We can support you in (re)negotiations, local checks and resolving shipping and customs clearance issues. You can hire us for two days a month, or two days a week, whatever is necessary to guaranty good cooperation. After first sales is made, we can continue with finding other buyers as new projects, or continue to work as your sales agent.

Some more notes...

Sometimes it's sufficient to work with one buyer / sales partner. You can simply sell to this company, and they will do the import and further distribution, and cooperate with you on marketing. However, in other circumstances you need to build a network of cooperating companies, and you need to think of which company here will be the most important to convince first, to “pull” or “push” your products in the market. To find out how your market works in the target country, we recommend you to start with an opportunity assessment.

Some more notes...

Also, have you thought about the regulations, customs tariffs, labeling and liability? Who can do the imports for you? Our custom spesialists in the US can help you further.

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