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You found customers overseas, and/or great products to buy. But how are you going to solve customs issues, and which freight forwarder to use? The best way is to work with a good customs broker and shipment agent. If your goods will land in the US, then we can help you, in cooperation with customs clearance brokerage Juliana Lim CBH,Inc. in Los Angeles.

Entering the United States, one of the biggest markets in the world, is thrilling but it is not without its challenges. One challenge is regulatory issues for importing – and not without reason. In fiscal year 2020, US Customs collected $20,111,943 from importers as a direct result of non-compliance activity. Additionally, FDA audits have increased not only for US-based companies but overseas suppliers as well. Often times companies will exit or even withhold from entry for this reason alone.

But this doesn’t have to be your story.

CuB Consultants coordinates pain-free, thoroughly planned, compliant, import customs services for your products entering the US. With a licensed US Customs broker on our staff, you know your company is getting the most up-to-date information on all regulations regarding your product. And with US regulation changing often, you will be assured we keep current with all developments and shifts in US Federal codes.

Your product is as unique as your vision for it, and other factors may make importation even more difficult, such as “Other Government Agency” regulations.  Luckily, we are fluent not only in customs matters, but also “Other Government Agencies” such as FDA, DOT, CPSIA, Fish and Wildlife, USDA, EPA, and others.

Lean on our expertise, and take import headaches out of your equation with CuB Consultants.


Freight, shipment, and logistics

Leverage our world-wide network of transportation solutions for local and international shipping. We can coordinate international air, ocean, truckload, and rail transportation from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. On a smaller scale, we can provide local transportation solutions in and around your factory or buyer’s location. We can even coordinate your fulfillment via our network of 3PL’s.


Freight "a la carte"

Already have transportation? No problem. You are never under obligation to use our transportation services. However, we can fill in any portion of your supply chain that may not be fully covered. Using this “a la carte” approach allows you to continue working with your familiar freight partners while saving time searching for vendors in new markets.

For instance, our client in France has ocean transportation covered by their own freight forwarder, but did not have time to search for the best trucking rate in the USA – therefore they utilize our ground transportation network once cargo arrives in the US. Another example, our US customer already has a preferred trucking service to handle their deliveries, but they use our network for their ocean freight; rather than waste time searching for a freight forwarder, we already had quotes and schedules ready for them


DDP (Delivery Duty Paid)

Selling to abroad? Why not try to deliver directly to the customer! This is called DDP (Delivery Duty Paid).

Leverage the DDP system to impress your foreign buyers. Selling under this term allows you to have visibility of your shipment from the factory to your buyer’s door.

Ever since the supply-chain crisis of 2019-2022, importers and exporters have realized one thing – shipping can be hard. As a consequence, many buyers (especially ones trialing new products) do not want to be involved in the importation process. In order to “sweeten the deal” for potential buyers, offer DDP term; this takes all liability away from the buyer and creates an opportunity to create margin for yourself.

Utilizing our world-wide transportation network, you will get the competitive prices for transportation which may allow you to work in profit on each shipment.


EXW (ExWorks)

Buying from Abroad? Why not try to pick up directly from the factory's door? This is called EXW (ExWorks)?

Leverage the EXW system to negotiate better prices on your orders from a new supplier. Selling under this term allows visibility and price control of your supply chain.

By offering to take on the transportation and liability for the goods from the factory, there is an opportunity to negotiate for a lower product price. And by utilizing our cost effective world-wide transportation network, you can save on your landed costs.

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