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You know that there is a market, but the procedures are too challenging. Your product may require processes that need to be done locally, or buyers may require a local contact person. You may be looking for an affiliate who knows the country, market, buyers and local procedures. The target market is good, but limited to a size that only one company can handle the business for you. There are many motivated companies around, looking for new opportunities. However, how to find and select them? Which company is real? We find your ideal distributor / agent in the target country.

Scanning the market

We start with a short market analysis, to estimate market size, compare competition in quality and prices, and list the most important distribution channels. We report our findings and discuss this with you. Together we define an approach to the market.

Drafting a partnering profile

We draft a “partnering profile” (see example) together with you. We define what kind of distributors/agents you are looking for, and what you have to offer them. The projected timeline for this step is just one or two weeks after the start of the assignment, mostly depending on your availability for a call or meeting.

The searching process

Our colleague in your target country will first make a long-list of potential partners. We then approach these companies, clearly indicating that we are mandated by your company and that we are working as consultants and not as a trade intermediary. After having personal contact, we send the right decision makers your company profile, hold in-depth discussions, and conclude whether there is a genuine interest in establishing collaboration with you. We search for distributors who match with what you are looking for, and who are motivated to do it. We contact potential agents/distributors, until we find the minimum of 3 matching and interested candidates. The timeframe for this step is 3 to 8 weeks, which is not that much determined by our actions, but mostly by the response time that the long-listed companies need.

Appointment setting

We discuss the short-list with you in a conference call, and decide with you what would be a good moment to come over to meet the companies. Whether it will be face-to-face meetings, or calls, we always join you in the first meeting with the potential distributor. This way we can ensure the right follow-up on our previous contacts, provide you with a ‘warm’ introduction, help to overcome cultural differences and steer the meeting towards a success. Together with you we will evaluate the meetings and see what the next steps could be. Read our project examples.

Distributor management

Optionally, we stay involved until the first serious order is placed, and further on to manage the distributors. Instead, you can also take the lead yourself. Further support as “agent / distributor management” is also possible, based on what kind of support is needed.

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