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You are open for new opportunities, and those opportunities are coming to you. However, it’s important to find a way to decide quick whether an opportunity is worth to spend your time and money in. Because your most valuable asset is your time. More decision moments come up later, but first it’s important to separate the gold nuggets from the pebbles. Is it going to bring you enough income, compared to the investments? And is it going to bring you fulfillment in your live? We can assist you with an initial valuation.

It’s good to consider this at start. During the years, we have met many companies, who started with something new and told their experiences to us.

Valuation of a business opportunity

We want to safe big costs for you, while you will know what the real opportunity is. We check the key properties of the company, and their products. We look at what makes them unique in the market. How ready the market is for this product? If it’s already widely used, how is the competition? If it’s a new product, how much time will it take to educate the consumers?

Each case is unique. But we will limit ourselves in time and costs, to get as soon as possible clear what the real situation is. If the conclusion is “it’s not worth your time”, then you will have saved a lot! And if it’s worth, then comes what, when, where, who. We can surely help you with that!

In three steps, we appraise your business opportunity:

  • Key business properties: a short interview, website, and catalogues.
  • Market verification.
  • Deliverable: a useful document that helps you further.

This will be concluded with a virtual meeting or phone call, to discuss next steps.

Do you like us to do such a “valuation”, for the opportunity of the new products? Then please let us know, and we will send you a signable proposal.

Client Cases

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